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I am a Girl Scout and I am a crafter.  I have been a Girl Scout for about 35 years.  My mother is still an active Girl Scout and both of my daughters have earned their Gold Award.  I work at a large family owned craft and floral supply chain.  I’ve been there for seven years.  My main job is retail customer service, not at the desk if I can help it!  I’m usually on the floor answering customer’s “how to” questions.

When I’d go out to Girl Scout events, I would notice girls pouring over my samples, getting ideas.  From my own search experiences, I knew how difficult it was to find lots of ideas in one place, with easy to see pictures.  I had tons of swaps and a son that was on a computer all day, so this is what you get – a site set up by someone who knows nothing about scouts or crafts, with content from someone who doesn’t have a clue how to manage the site and can’t write.

It is easy to figure out how to make most of the swaps just by looking at them.   Some of them are more complicated.  If you need more directions for a swap let me know.  Crafty questions can be submitted below.

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